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Thank You

Bloom Where Planted

The Rose Tree Cottage African Children’s Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Public Charity


British Royal and Celebrity Biographer

Andrew Morton

2020 is the year we begin a building fund campaign for our Childrens Charity, Bloom Where Planted, in Kenya! We plan to build an extension on the ‘Hall’ at our Primary School in Kenya, as well as doing structural work on the hall itself. The Kenyan government is making much needed changes in the primary school curriculum and it is exactly the direction we have had in mind for expanding our outreach for the children, and that is ‘skill training’! Therefore, we will add a classroom for computers along with a ‘proper’ library for the many books we have accumulated over the years. The Hall will become a skill center for sewing, cooking, etc. We are very excited about this prospect and hope you will join us in the effort. We need to raise $25,000.

In December 2019, we had a lovely monthly donation gift of US$20.20 as a Christmas gift. That Gift has inspired us to use and develope this idea to turn it into our 2020 Building Fund Appeal theme ... twenty ways and reasons we can, and will support Kenyan children with a US$20.20 regular monthly donation (or, of course, one-off donations in any amount, no matter how large or how small).

2020 has to be a banner year, as in addition to our new effort for a Building Fund, our ongoing sponsorships of 40 in colleges and universities (more ready to enter and 17 having recently graduated) and 40 in secondary schools (some without sponsors), 26 children scored a B- or above on their KCPE (Primary exams) this November, qualifying them for good secondary schools (starting in JANUARY!). Therefore, we desperately need sponsors for these needy, bright children! They deserve to attend High School, but cannot do so without our financial (and, emotional) support, as most have only single parents (or none) who earn $60.00 a month (or, less!) with other children to feed and educate. If you can help or have a friend who might be interested, we would love to hear from you! Three are now sponsored, but 23 are waiting to hear from us what their future holds.

As always, we are most grateful for your ongoing support of both Rose Tree and Bloom Where Planted. You’ve heard us say that “Rose Tree is the engine that drives our charitable foundation”, and indeed that is true. Without our wonderful friends and patrons of our shop and tearoom, we could not be of service to these 800 children. I was reminded by another donor this week of the saying “If you want to change the world, educate an African girl”. We wholeheartedly agree, but we also feel the boys have to be educated in how to be honest, considerate, constructive members of society. We have some outstanding examples already with college graduates, but there is so much more we can do. Thank you for being on the journey with us!

In addition to tax benefits, rather than donating to a large charity without knowing where the money goes and who receives it, with our small, personal charity, you have the opportunity to have a close connection with the recipients of your funds. Particularly if you choose to sponsor a student into secondary education, as you will have the opportunity to get to know the child through their letters, photos, etc. Perhaps even join us on a visit and meet the children in person?

“Giving is it’s own reward’ indeed, but seeing the smiles and receiving their gratitude is the icing on the cake. Plus, the regularity of an ongoing relationship reminds you of how fortunate you are to be in a position to help.

A small act of kindness — the cost of a daily cup of coffee or bottle of water would provide a sponsorship for a Kenyan child. If sponsoring in the name of your children or grandchildren, it could have a tremendous effect on your family as well... teaching kindness, generosity and empathy for others by example.

And, how will you benefit through being a Donor and/or Monthly US$20.20 Subscriber?

Stop the cycle of poverty in a Kenyan family ... an educated child can lift their family out of the depths of extreme poverty. The children know that education is the key ... they write it in their letters!

Expand their horizons: Through Bloom Where Planted, these 800-1000 children have met and learned from women in medical professions; a JPL engineer; a National Geographic photographer; a Kenyan woman Ambassador/lawyer; and, most importantly, people from other countries who just come to show them love.

Helping them learn life skills such as sewing, cooking, carpentry, etc., as not all success has to be academic ... some of us need to be able to work in a kitchen!

Encourage their talents in art, writing, music, dance, sport, etc.

Helping students learn the concept of “giving back” by requiring our college students to spend time tutoring the secondary students or working on improving the primary school environment. They find they love doing it!

Save endangered species ... we always stress the importance of protecting their wildlife and the value of the animals to their own lives in Kenya.

Save the world? After all, we do have a young woman working on her Master’s Degree in Meteorology at Nairobi University! Who knows what our Maria will discover

The reasons — for the child, their family, their country, the world:

Providing food for thought ... the brain works so much better when there is food in the tummy!

Basic tools: Pencils and pens, crayons, colour pencils, etc.

Supplies: Exercise books, paper.

Textbooks (much needed ... the government supplies 1 for every 5-6 children).

Fact and fiction books: Reading for pleasure opens doors!

Teaching tools ... supplies, donated computers, sewing machines, books, etc.

Purchase of shoes, socks and uniforms where there is dire need as well as providing donated clothing in our annual shipments.

Provide a better learning environment with physical improvements to their classrooms and campus, as well as providing desks and chairs.

Supplement their academics with donated sports equipment and musical instruments.

Sponsor students in secondary schools and on into college when warranted.