Pasadena’s Original English Tea Room cannot be found in Old Town but at ...

801 S Pasadena Avenue
(on corner of Bellefontaine)
Pasadena CA 91105

We are Pasadena’s Original English Tea Room
Rose Tree Cottage

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Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our first priority is the welfare of our customers. 

Therefore, following government regulations, we will not be serving our Famous

Afternoon Teas, Special Event Teas and Private Parties until further notice.

Visit our English Village Shop

For British themed Gifts, China, Glass, Teas, Fresh Foods, Scones and all the trimmings, Confectionery, Favourite British Foods, Apparel - (including the world-famous Barbour Range), Hats, Fascinators and much, much more.  Open 7 Days a Week



  1. 27.Branston Pickle

  2. 28.Heinz Piccalilli

  3. 29.Heinz Salad Cream

  4. 30.Pickled Beetroot

  5. 31.Hayward’s Pickled Onions (the best!)

  6. 32.Chutneys: Mango • Beetroot • Apple & Raisin • Real Ale

  7. 33.Malt Vinegar

  8. 34.HP Sauce

  9. 35.Mint Sauce


  1. 36.Birds Custard - perfect with Mrs Fry’s favourite Bramley Apple Pies

  2. 37.Gooseberries in Syrup

  3. 38.Lyles Golden Syrup (used in baking or on oatmeal or Ice Cream) • Black Treacle (like molasses for baking)


  1. 39.Belvoir Elderflower • Ginger Beer (delicious ginger drink with a kick — BOTH are non-alcoholic and refreshing)

  2. 40.Ribena — Blackcurrant juice concentrate (full of Vitamin C & Iron)

  3. 41.Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate


  1. 42.Rose Tree’s Shortbread • Chocolate Chip Biscuits

  2. 43.Our Oatcakes — lovely on their own or with cheese

  3. 44.Nairn’s Gluten Free Oat Cakes

  4. 45.Digestives: plain or with Milk or Dark Chocolate

  5. 46.Ginger Biscuits, plain or Dark Chocolate

  6. 47.Jammy Dodgers, Custard Creams, Nice Biscuits (are ever so nice!)

  7. 48.Jaffa Cakes!

  8. 49.Sweets: Quality Street • Turkish Delight • Clotted Cream Fudge •
    Murray Mints • Peppermint Creams • Rose & Violet Creams • Jelly Babies • Fruit Gums

  9. 50.English Chocolates: Maltesers • Smarties • Cadbury Flake • Crunchie • Dairy Milk • Curlywurly • Bournville • KitKat, etc.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our first priority is the welfare of our customers.  Therefore, following government regulations, we will not be serving our Famous Afternoon Teas, Special Event Teas and Private Parties until further notice. And so, dear friends, in the meantime, please:

“Keep Calm and Carry On”


Try Mrs. Fry’s favourite pies

  1. Chicken and Curry

  2. Chicken and Mushroom

  3. Steak, Guinness and Mushroom

  4. Shepherd’s Pie

All the above should be served hot with Bisto Gravy (24). Peas on the side are very nice too!

  1. Bramley Apple Pies (Box of 6) - perfect with Bird’s Custard (36)

  2. Cold Pork pies (never heated) with Branston Pickle (27) or Chutney (32) and salad (with Heinz Salad Cream (29)

  3. Beans on Toast — Heinz beans (23) on hot buttered (6) toast (Princess Diana’s favourite!).

  4. Welsh Rarebit — made with our Sharp Cheddar Cheese (best with a slice of Danish back bacon), and a cup of Heinz Tomato Soup (23) on the side.

  5. Bangers (that’s Sausages) & Mash — Bangers (21) served with home-made mashed potatoes, Sautéed mushrooms and tomatoes are also a delicious accompaniment.

  6. Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings (22)

  7. Bacon Butty — Bacon (16) on a hot buttered roll with HP Sauce (34).


  1. Aunty’s Spotted Dick - drizzled with hot Bird’s Custard (36)

  2. Sticky Toffee Pudding (7) with Devon Clotted Cream (2)


  1. Hot Scones (1) with Jam and/or Preserves (3) and Devon Clotted Cream (2)

  2. Hot Buttered (6) Crumpets (5) with Lemon Curd (4)... Amazing!


Put the kettle on and have a Nice Cuppa’ and savour Rose Tree Cottage’s  own brand English Village Tea or Rose Tree Cottage’s own brand Pasadena Rose Tea!

Rose Tree Cottage Scones

Traditional English Currant

The best in all of 'teadom' " wrote a patron of ours! Rose Tree Cottage scones freeze beautifully for up to two months and can be shipped anywhere in the US (via 2nd Day Air) and arrive fresh! Also available in ‘Heart’ shape.

Fresh Foods

-Cherry Bakewell Tarts

-Eccles Cakes

-Petit Fours (Tea Cakes)

Sauces, Pickles, Spreads and Condiments

  1. Bisto Gravy

  2. Branston Pickle

  3. Coleman’s Horseradish

  4. Coleman’s Shepherds Pie Mix

  5. Haywood Pickled Onions

  6. Heinz Salad Cream

  7. HP Sauce

  8. Mint Sauce

  9. Paxo: Sage & Onion Stuffing

  10. Piccalilly Pickle

  11. Pickled Beet Root




-Jelly Babies



-Nestles Aero Bar


-Turkish Delight

-Wine Gums

-Bounty Bar

Chocolate Buttons

-Crunchy Bar

-Curly Wurly

-Dairy Milk


-Fruit and Nut

-Royal Dark


-Whole Nut

Soft Drinks

-Elderflower Drink

  Large & Small

-Ginger Beer


-Robinson Lemon

Barley Water

-Ginger Nuts

-Chocolate-Shamrock-shaped Irish Oatmeal

-Grandma Wild’s (1889) Dark

  Chocolate Gingers

-Jaffa Cakes

-McVities Chocolate Hobnobs

-McVities Rich Tea Biscuits

-McVities Digestives - Milk Chocolate

-McVities Digestives - Plain Chocolate

-McVities Digestives - Regular

-Nairn’s Organic Oat Crackers

Devon Clotted Cream

An absolute MUST for your Scones (With Strawberry Jam)

Rose Tree Cottage

Sticky Toffee Pudding

The original Recipe from the

Lake District in England (serves Up to 15 Servings and can be frozen for up to SIX months)

  1. Bramble Blackberry

  2. Daphne's Three Fruit

     Peach, Plum and  Apricot

  1. Hedgerow Raspberry

  2. Summer Pudding

     A delightful mix of

     summer berries

  1. Wild Strawberry

Rose Tree Cottage’s

Chocolate Chip


Cadbury’s Drinking


Cadbury’s All-time Favourites

More Delicious Confectionery

Quality Sreet

Tin or Box

Gentleman’s Relish was created by an Englishman in 1828. It has a slightly fishy taste as it contains anchovies, butter, herbs and spices. For a big hint as to its flavour  ... think ‘Marmite

And ... For your cooking convenience, these fish-based delights come in Boiler Bags!

Kippers (Smoked Herring) or Haddock

Biscuits (Cookies), Cakes, Tarts, Soft Drinks

Cakes and Tarts

Confectionary and Hot Chocolate Drink

-Bird’s Custard Powder

-Heinz Baked Beans

-Heinz Tomato Soup

-Lyle’s Golden Syrup

-Lyle’s Treacle


-Shepherds Pie Mix

-Spotted Dick (Pudding)

-Scottish Haggis (Tin)

-Yorkshire Pudding Mix

  1. Bangers (Sausages)

  2. Chipolatas

  3. Danish Back Bacon

  4. English Butter

  5. Irish Bacon

  6. Pork Pies

Our Top 50 most essential

sought-after items


  1. 1.Our freshly baked Scones, package of 6 or 12.

  2. 2.Devonshire Double or Clotted Cream from England

  3. 3.Much loved preserves: Summer Pudding (Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry & Red Currant) • Daphne’s Three Fruit (Peach, Plum & Apricot) • Hedgerow Raspberry • Strawberry • Bramble Blackberry.

  4. 4.Our own fresh Lemon or Kumquat Curds (Divine!)

  5. 5.Crumpets (delicious with our Lemon or Kumquat Curds), pkg 6

  6. 6.English Butter (the BEST!)

  7. 7.The original Sticky Toffee Pudding (made with dates, etc., and lovely toffee sauce on top)

  8. 8.Our Famous English Village Tea, 4.4 oz, loose leaf only

  9. 9.A good assortment of British teas... Black, green, or herbal in bags or loose

  10. 10.Tiptree Jams (including 007 James Bond’s  favourite “Strawberry Little Scarlet”)

  11. 11.Welsh Cakes • Eccles Cakes


  1. 12.Our own “I came to California for the oranges” Marmalade, made from our Seville orange tree! or our “Captain Fry’s” traditional Seville Marmalade.

  2. 13.Frank Cooper’s Oxford Seville Marmalades

  3. 14.Rose’s Lime Marmalade

  4. 15.Marmite for your morning toast

  5. 16.English Back Bacon • Chipolatas 

  6. 17.Black Pudding

  7. 18.Scottish Kippers • Smoked Haddock, ready to cook in boiler bags.


  1. 19.Sausage Rolls (puff pastry wrapped around pork sausage meat — oh, so tasty!)

  2. 20.Mrs Fry’s Favourite Pies: Pork Pies; Chicken & Curry; Chicken & Mushroom; Steak, Guinness & Mushroom

  3. 21.Bangers (you supply the mashed potatoes!)

  4. 22.Yorkshire Puddings, pkg. 12, frozen

  5. 23.Heinz Beans (Princess Diana’s favourite comfort food) • Tomato Soup

  6. 24.Bisto Gravy Mix — powder or granules

  7. 25.Oxo cubes

  8. 26.Coleman’s Shepherd’s
    Pie Seasoning Mix

Rose Tree Cottage’s English Village Shortbread

Truly divine.

Baked Daily in Rose Tree Cottage’s own Aga Cooker

Lemon Curd & Kumquat Curd

We pick the best Lemons and Kunquats from our very own trees! Absolutely perfect for topping your toast and crumpets or for filling cakes and tarts.

Served daily in our tearoom and declared by our patrons to be an outstanding afternoon blend. Our English Village Tea is a blend of Ceylon, Indian and Kenyan teas that brews a truly flavourful and satisfying cup of tea.

Rose Tree Cottage English Village Tea

Loose Leaf

Rose Tree Cottage:

Mrs Fry’s Blackcurrent Tea 
A naturally flavoured Indian and Ceylon tea. Lovely plain or with milk and Sugar.

PG Tips
A famous and much

loved tea throughout

Britain.  (Tea Bags)

Rose Tree Cottage:

Pasadena Rose Tea

A delicate taste of rose in a blend of China and Indian teas.

  1. Afternoon Darjeeling

  2. Camomile Flowers

  3. Decaffeinated

  4. Earl Grey

  5. English Breakfast

  6. Irish Breakfast

  7. Jasmine Blossom

  8. Pure Assam

  9. Pure Ceylon

  10. Scottish Breakfast

  11. Yorkshire Tea

  12. Yorkshire Gold

Famously Satisfying

Teas from


of Harrogate

The Cure for

All Woes

Essential Menu


Rose Tree Cottage’s Private Label Traditional Preserves

Made and packed full of

nothing but the finest fruits

Thick Sliced Bacon

Mrs Fry’s (Favourite) Pies

* Shepherds Pie

  1. *The Mac & Cheese Pie

* Traditional Cornish Pasty

Sausage Rolls

Bag of six, pre-cooked and ready to eat. Delicious!

Pigs in Blankets


Wrapped in English Bacon

Aunty's Golden Syrup Pudding

A traditionally steamed moist sponge smothered in a delicious golden syrup sauce

The tastiest (Dates, Eggs and Vanilla topped off with about a half-inch of delicious mouth-watering English toffee!). The best dessert ever!

HP sauce

The original

“House of Commons”brown sauce

since 1899

Other Extremely Popular

British Teas

Another tea beloved by

the British. (Tea Bags)

Barry Irish Tea

Ireland’s finest tea

since 1901

Irish Breakfast

A blend of Assam and

Darjeeling. (Tea Bags)